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STUDION is a concept store offering a selection of objects designed by Patrick Norguet. Edited, transformed and sourced under his direction, STUDION objects are designed to celebrate the timeless heritage of his work.


Limited editions and the use of innovative artisan techniques allow Patrick Norguet to elevate his creations to the state of timeless unique pieces.


Known throughout the world since the opening of his eponymous studio in 2000, Patrick Norguet designed for the biggest French, Italian and international publishers, thus affirming his position as an emblematic figure of design.


STUDION offers a privileged access to his work through an exclusive selection of unique objects.


“He always thinks there is a way, never giving empty proof, just propositions. Proposals with sulphurous ergonomics, tanned like racing cars, launched at high speed within the Object World.

Emblematic figure of French Design, Patrick Norguet prefers to the security of those who have remained on the bank the adrenaline of matter, the telluric forces of improbable but miraculous assemblies. Or, in French in the text, to give life and flesh to a whole galaxy of scenarios, as sexy as they are useful, free from elucidations, polyglot in their forms, as much as in their functions. " For who ? Why ? How? 'Or' What ? "

By providing answers to this triptych of essential questions, Patrick Norguet has been playing the defining role of an industrial designer for twenty years. A capital role practiced, where each project, born from an encounter, goes beyond the simple search for aesthetics and the right line, to infuse through travels, the crystallization of collective imaginations and different cultures. And end up - final anatomies - in "fair, honest products, inscribed in the sociology of their time".

Reputed to be humble, willingly disappearing behind the screen of collaborations, it is clear that any masterfully signed entity takes root in a history of factories, techniques, materials ... "


Extract from Yann Siliec's preface to the book Dialogues, 2020


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