STUDION is a concept store offering a selection of objects designed by Patrick Norguet. Edited, transformed and sourced under his direction, STUDION objects are designed to celebrate the timeless heritage of his work.


Limited editions and the use of innovative artisan techniques allow Patrick Norguet to elevate his creations to the state of timeless unique pieces.


Known throughout the world since the opening of his eponymous studio in 2000, Patrick Norguet designed for the biggest French, Italian and international publishers, thus affirming his position as an emblematic figure of design.


STUDION offers a privileged access to his work through an exclusive selection of unique objects.


«Thus, we shall let the reader answer this question:
Who is the happiest,
The man who has weathered the storm of life and lived?
Or the man who stayed safely ashore and was content to just live? Gonzo Highway – Hunter S. Thompson


He always thinks that there is a way, never issuing vain pieces of evidence, only proposals. Proposals with sulfurous ergonomics, shaped like racing cars barging full steam ahead into the Object World.
An icon of French Design, Patrick Norguet prefers the adrenaline rush from materials, the telluric forces of improbable but miraculous assemblies to the cosy safety favored by those who stay ashore. Or, in plain terms, to flesh up, to breathe life into myriads of scenarii, as sexy as they are useless, exempting themselves from elucidations, multilingual in their forms as much as through their functions. “Whom for? What for? How?”. In responding to this triad of essential questions, Patrick Norguet has been assuming the definition-role of industrial designer.

A role practised in a mighty way, where each project born of an encounter extends beyond the simple quest for aesthetics and for the right line, to infuse in the course of travels, of the crystallization of collective imagination and different cultures. And end up -final anatomies- in “fair, honest products, part of the sociology of their times”. Known to be humble, readily fading away behind the screen of collaborations, one can only observe that any entity signed by an expert hand is rooted in a history

of factories, techniques, materials... And landscapes with stories, cleverly mixing images and words. From the first meteorite thought as a photometeor (RAINBOW CHAIR - Cappellini - 2000) to the very last chair thought as skeleton-structure and body-leather-skins (DAN - Zanotta - 2020), the book Dialogues rejects all such models, refusing the monographic principle and preferring instead to revisit, through a visual fable, two decades of a career in the fast lane. By choosing as an axiom

a visual conversation captured in pictures by the famous fashion photographer, Alistair Taylor-Young, Patrick Norguet wards off the fate he admits for his discipline, giving way to all sorts of interpretations, diversions and appropriations. As if, from its process of creation all the way up to its aesthetical acme, the design object must take shape. To turn into multiple synopses, in the course of a visual epic, paying tribute on paper to William Faulkner’s maxim: “The end of wisdom is to dream high enough to lose the dream in the seeking of it.”


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